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Watch out for FOBO

What is FOBO? You've probably heard of FOMO the fear of missing out. It is interesting because FOBO was coined at the same time as FOMO by the same author Patrick McGinnis all the way back in 2003. FOBO is the fear of a better options and can be much more debilitating.

FOBO shows up in everyday decision making like what to have for dinner, how to spend your free time, or what book to start reading. These are choices with relatively small risk and many of us spend hours researching options before we make decisions. I felt like a decisive person, as long as I knew about all the options, I could make a quick decision. The problem was, it could take hours or days to research options. That’s time that could be better spent and I was starting to feel overwhelmed with the process.

Two things can help. The first is to outsource your low risk decisions and the second is to find the motivation to stick with a decision that may not be the absolute perfect choice.

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