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Do your goals need a jumpstart?

We hear a lot about the abundance mindset, which is about believing that you have enough, that you are doing enough, and that you are enough. Living with an abundance mindset is a powerful way of being. It’s true, living with an abundance mindset opens doors and allows us to access more opportunity. I’ve also found that there can be advantages to scarcity mindset. This may be somewhat controversial, but I think there is a time and place where the scarcity mindset can be motivational.

One of my goals for this year is to read 12 books. That’s one a month. I set out to make my reading list. What 12 books will I read this year? Time to choose. Here’s what happened next. Even though I didn’t read 12 books last year and I’m not sure the last time I read more than 12 books in one year I had a strange thought. I have to pick 12 books? I only get to choose 12? I’ll only get to read 12 books. This is an energetic shift from I “have to” read 12 books to I “get to” read 12 books. Now the goal is the limiting factor.

I bring this up now two weeks into the year because this is the time when people who are making progress towards their goals start to second guess the goal. Yes, progress can lead to an upward spiral of motivation. It can also make us think that maybe our goal wasn’t big enough. Think of the scarcity mindset as a jump starter. It can get you going but its not a sustainable source of energy.

Like many high achievers, I catch myself thinking my goal isn’t big enough. I’m halfway through the first month and I’ve read 2 books. I could continue the trend and quadruple my goal. I am NOT going to do that and here is why. I don’t remember the last time I read 12 books in a year. If I quadruple that goal, I could get burnt out, I could become overwhelmed, and I might quit and not achieve the original goal that I’m thinking is too easy.

I might increase my goal down the road but until I’ve read 12 books, I’m sticking with my goal. Here is the big take away. Do NOT increase the goal until you’ve achieved the goal.

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