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New Year - Meaningful Goals

This is the 4th video in the goal setting series. We’ve talked about creating goals that are actionable, creating balance by goal setting in all areas of your life, and challenging yourself without getting overwhelmed.

Now, it’s time to create energy around your goals. Most goals are surface level and do not really get at what’s important to you. Losing weight, spending time with family, having more fun, gaining more confidence; these are just words. How will life be different when I accomplish my goal? This is where we find the juice, the energy. When we can access the meaning, purpose, and value behind the goal, then we’re more likely to move forward with motivation.

Here are questions to ask that help will help to find the juice:

· What will I gain through this accomplishment?

· What makes this important to me?

· How will I feel during the process and what emotions will I have when I complete the process?

· What is most exciting about my goal?

· What will I learn through this process?

· Picture yourself 5 years from now and imagine you have not completed this goal yet and ask: What has it cost me?

· What personal values are I honoring by setting this goal?

· What insight is most compelling about my goal?

When you feel the energy to get up and start making process, you’ve found the juice. You’ll want to remember that most compelling insight. Pick a method to bring that insight to the forefront or make up your own.

Ideas to remember insight:

· Make a poster

· Write it on a notecard or a post-it

· Make a wallpaper for your cellphone or computer screen

· Pinup a picture representing your insight on your refrigerator

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