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W-I-N goals for confidence and success

Starting a new business and being an entrepreneur for the first time means doing tons of things I've never done before. If I want to acheive success, I know I'll need to do lots of new things. For example, writing weekly emails, going live on Facebook, and designing my signature coaching program are all things I've never done before now. If you know me, you know I have very high expecatations as well which isn't particularly helpful in getting out of the gate. 

It can be really uncomfortable to do new things because we don't know if we'll get our desired results. Our brains are designed to look for what could go wrong as a form of protection. Often, it's an overprotective reaction that is also not particularly helpful. 

I've been using this tool quite often in my own challenges and with my coaching clients so I thought it would be a great time to share it. I LOVE this tool. So far, it has a 100% success rate at raising energy and confidence escpecially when the client is going outside of their comfort zone to do something new. 

The W.I.N. model for goal articulation

What do you really WANT?

 I   What can you personally INFLUENCE?

How will you win NO MATTER WHAT else happens?

One of the most powerful ways I work with clients is to raise their quality of energy. When a person experiences higher energy, they have more confidence, and a higher chance of success. What I love most about this model is the confidence boost my clients experience when they shift focus from the desired outcome to what they will learn from the experience. That's how you can win NO MATTER WHAT else happens. 

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