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Trampoline FuNny Business

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Beliefs are thoughts but not all thoughts become beliefs

I recently bought a rebounder and it was delivered this week. What the heck is a rebounder? It’s a fancy word for mini-trampoline and if there is a technical difference, it might be that it has a bungee cord bounce instead of a metal spring bounce mechanism.

Have you ever watched an exercise ad and thought to yourself “now, that’s something I could do!”? After all, look how easy it is. The person on the screen is effortlessly using a piece of equipment or maybe even exercising doing yoga, dance, or body weight movements without breaking a sweat AND they’re smiling! It looks so fun and even easy. It’s happened before and it’s happened again.

I enjoy working out in a group fitness setting where there’s accountability and camaraderie—where a coach tells you what to do and for how long (…or when you can stop). After having a baby at the end of March, I’m ready to shed and shred some pounds. Naturally, when I see marketing for a mini trampoline, I’m in!

You’ll never guess what happened. Ok, maybe you saw it coming. Everything I thought I knew about this trampoline shifted around my 10th bounce.

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