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New Year - Challenge without Overwhelm

It’s super common for most people who set goals to start off with steps that are overwhelming. The 3rd tip for setting goals that are more likely to be achieved is to know what your growth edge is and create goals that are challenging but not overwhelming.

A growth edge is the line between what you’re already doing with a degree of comfort and the very next level that would push you beyond what you’re already doing.

What are you already doing to work towards your vision of what you want or honoring what’s important to you? What is the smallest next step.

One technique that I find super helpful is called Tiny Habits. This is where you commit to take the smallest step towards a larger goal. Maybe you follow through with the larger goal and maybe you don’t. The biggest benefit is that you start building the muscles that support you in preparation towards acting on your goal.


Goal: Go to the gym 3 times a week. Tiny habit: Get in the car and drive to the gym dressed and ready to go.

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