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Comfort Zone Identity

This weekend, Sebastian James (Bash or Bashamillion) learned how to roll over. He has a very specific two stage method. First, he rolls from his back onto his side and then from his side onto his tummy. We have so much fun watching him try new things and cheering him on. What happened next isn’t too surprising.

He got uncomfortable in uncharted waters. For one thing, he gets his arm stuck under his body and he isn’t a fan of tummy time to begin with. While rolling is fun, he’s not fond of the end result of being on his rather large tum-tum. So, for the time being he is keeping it cool by only going as far as rolling on to his side. On his side, he is safe. Learning how to be comfortable is completely natural. It’s especially common just after we do something brand new, and experience discomfort from stretching our limits. We may react by thinking “ok, that’s good enough for now.” Eventually, our new boundaries become normalized and we are ready to take on the next challenge. Trouble comes along when we don’t “unlearn” our safety measures. It gets really serious when it becomes part of our identity.

Stretching our limitations, learning new skills, and figuring out how to do it in a relatively comfortable space is a pattern that we all experience. The trick is not to allow yourself to stay in your comfort zone so long that it ultimately slows your progress and holds you back from your vision and goals. In this video, hear more about unlearning safety measures and how to spot ones that have become part of your identity.

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