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3 Strategies to Apply For Jobs

Have you ever worried about being qualified for a job? Have you ever spent a massive amount of time looking for YOUR dream job and, not spent the time to apply? Have you ever feared rejection and embarrassment or felt self-doubt about looking for jobs? These experiences are common and completely normal. Even if you haven’t been in this position recently, I bet you can relate to those that are looking for their next step right now.

Finding a new job or career can be emotionally taxing because putting yourself out there, applying, and asking someone to consider you for a position requires a certain amount of confidence and vulnerability. It is not uncommon to become hijacked by your circling thoughts and questions like: What jobs should I apply for? Am I qualified for this job? Is this job too competitive? Would I even want that job? Or maybe, you just can't think about anything else besides how much you want a specific job. It's no wonder getting started and finding some initial momentum can be difficult!

As a coach, I help people remove blocks, raise energy, and create personal action plans. In this video I share 3 strategies that have worked to get my clients interviews. That's right interviews, plural. These strategies are designed to help you bypass the typical emotional tax of applying for jobs so you can get out of your own way when looking for your next gig. This is for you if you ever spend more time thinking about doing something than you spend taking action.

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