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What impacts your Team?


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Low Morale and Engagement

When individuals don't trust each other or haven't committed themselves to the mission of the team, they may feel hesitant to take risks, contribute fully, and see a positve future in their work. This can impact overall team productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention, as team members may become demotivated and disenchanted with their work.

Insufficient Communication

Individuals may hesitate to share their ideas or concerns openly, or avoid difficult conversations leading to a lack of productive discussions and missed opportunity. A lack in honest and clear communication can lead to misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts, and a breakdown in effective information flow.


Solutions are not created for the issues that are most critical to a business when those issues are not prioritized, not fully understood, and not addressed from every angle. It's common for priorities to be mismanaged, when individuals are unclear about what's most important, they are focused on their own goals, or give their time to things that are more comfortable and personally rewarding. 


Stop taking things personally

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Book a free consultation. Let's have a conversation about what challenges your organization.  We'll talk about timing and how building a culture of teamwork and cooperation is in service of your big picture organizational goals and vision. We will explore possibilities and whether what I offer will be a good fit for the needs of your organization.

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About Me


Julia Bailey, PCC

Certified Professional Coach

     I'm Julia, a Colorado native who loves adventure and building communities. The picture is me jumping into a waterfall while canyoning in near Fort William, Scotland. I am learning to rock climb, I am a tree hugger, quilter (my 2020 pandemic hobby), board gamer, and escape room enthusiast. Most importantly, I thrive when helping teams achieve their potential.

     My passion for relationship building dates back to high school, when I facilitated youth group meetings and loved designing and executing bonding exercises. My interest in puzzle-solving and understanding how things work served me well as an engineering student at the Colorado School of Mines and as a working professional, where I self-taught many technical skills. I bring this same curious and innovative vibe to my coaching work with organizations.

     My first exposure to leadership concepts and personal development occurred during my 10+ years in digital mapping and data management where I fortunately worked for an engineering organization that placed a super high value on developing their people. During that time, I also facilitated seminars on leadership skills in partnership with various professional organizations (as an extracurricular).

     Now, I am a professional certified coach trained in a variety of evidence-based coaching techniques. Trusting relationships are essential for high-performing teams. My specialty is empowering leaders to cultivate a culture of trust and collaboration, practice compassionately direct communication strategies, and lead a process of productive conflict so they can solve the most important problems.

     If you are looking to improve performance, engagement, and the relationships within your team, I am here to help. We can identify areas for improvement, develop strategies for implementation, and track your progress over time.

     I am a results-oriented coach who is committed to helping teams succeed. Most people would describe me as having a calm demeanor and ability to create a comfortable space for participants to experiment with trying new things. If you are ready to take your team to the next level, let's talk!"

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Helping leaders and organizations implement clear and compassionate communication practices so they can build trusting relationships with their team. Trust provides a foundation for high engagement, productive conflict, innovation, decisive action, and accountability. 


Team Engineering partners with individual clients and organizations in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to expand their personal and professional potential. 

Team of Industrial Engineers



Just when I think I've thought of everything, that I'm burnt out in my own problem-solving, or that I'm struggling in my ability to shift perspective, Julia helps me recognize there is still opportunity and relief in leaning on and being challenged by a great coach. She listens intuitively, she works with me to think creatively, and simply holds the space to breathe and see things clearly. 


Julia was a fantastic coach. She was kind and allowed me the space and direction to gain a better understanding of my inner motivations. When I started coaching with Julia I was having a lot of sadness and anger around my job. After coaching for a few months I was able to leave my job and now work in a setting that's better than I could have imagined.


Julia has a calming presence and deeply listens to help me focus on what really is important. Working with Julia, I am able to move through my fears and concerns and launch a new group course with confidence and authenticity. With her support, I was able to let go of thoughts and feelings that were holding me back and gain the passion and energy to do new things!

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