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Elevate Team Performance

Confident Communication Practices for Managers and Team Members

Reduce stress and cultivate relationships built with trust

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Stop taking things personally

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Worry and stress

Replaying events and conversations. Concerned about making the RIGHT decisions.

Imposter syndrome

Afraid that you will not meet expectations. Overworking to compensate for not feeling qualified.


Holding yourself to excessive high standard. Desire for perfection prevents progress. Afraid of making mistakes.

Missing Connection

Afraid to reach out, to go first, say the wrong thing or appear desperate. Have trouble meeting new people.

What do you struggle with most? 

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Confidence Coaching

Helping managers implement clear communication practices so they can build trusting relationships with their team, reduce stress, and drive sustainable productivity. 

















There are many perceptions about what confidence is. Let’s talk about what it is NOT. It is not arrogance, ego, superiority, certainty, speaking loudly, being an extrovert, or pride. It is not a pre-requisite for taking action. Lifidence believes confidence is about holding critical, realistic beliefs about yourself.

What could change in your life or at work if you sincerely belived in yourself?

Lifidence coaching partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to expand their personal and professional potential. 

Coaching sessions are held remotely over the phone or Zoom. 

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Julia Bailey, PCC

Certified Confidence Coach

     I worked in digital mapping and data management for 10 years where I often experienced imposter syndrome, anxiety, and concerns about what my coworkers thought about me. My own coach helped me find confidence and work-life balance so that I could focus on the work itself. Not long after, I decided to try something new (learning the art of life coaching) and I never looked back. 

     My education is in engineering and I bring a right-brained, puzzle-solving approach to my coaching practive. I have a calm demeanor and create a comfortable space for clients to experiment and try new things for themselves.

     I am a scaredy-cat who likes a challenge and I'm on a journey of growth. I'll never get enough of that wonderful feeling that comes after doing something new for the first time. I'm a Colorado native who loves the outdoors and building communities of family and friendship. I'm an animal lover, tree hugger, escape room enthusiast, and I absolutely love helping clients become who they wish to be. It is always a thrill to witness people remove their blocks and step into their power.





Just when I think I've thought of everything, that I'm burnt out in my own problem-solving, or that I'm struggling in my ability to shift perspective, Julia helps me recognize there is still opportunity and relief in leaning on and being challenged by a great coach. She listens intuitively, she works with me to think creatively, and simply holds the space to breathe and see things clearly. 


Julia was a fantastic coach. She was kind and allowed me the space and direction to gain a better understanding of my inner motivations. When I started coaching with Julia I was having a lot of sadness and anger around my job. After coaching for a few months I was able to leave my job and now work in a setting that's better than I could have imagined.


Julia has a calming presence and deeply listens to help me focus on what really is important. Working with Julia, I am able to move through my fears and concerns and launch a new group course with confidence and authenticity. With her support, I was able to let go of thoughts and feelings that were holding me back and gain the passion and energy to do new things!

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Book a free consultation. Let's have a conversation about what you want most. We'll talk about timing and why building confidence is important to you. Let's start to peel back the layers and gain clarity about what is preventing you from having the confidence you desire. Together, we can explore possibilities and design your personal strategy for success. 

Let's get started!

(No high pressure sales)

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